Are you a Donahugh Man?

Ready For A Donahugh Adventure?

We love adventure almost as much as you do! 

At Donahugh Eyewear, we know that nothing compares to the excitement of doing something you’re afraid of, breathing in the air of new places and having fun where the sun’s shining and the wifi is weak. 

Sun-loving dreamers like you inspired us to create affordable luxury eyewear that’s almost as daring as you are. 

We just got fed up with overpriced designer glasses. Their expensive price tags could better be spent on surfing lessons or gas in the motorcycle. We tried cheaper alternatives, but quite frankly, they’re just disappointing. 

So we created Donahugh Eyewear.

Our mission is to craft quality eyewear that will empower your intrepid lifestyle without the triple-digit prices. 

— Luxury Quality, NOT Luxury Prices —

Our styles are classic, brave, and fearless– intentionally designed for men like you who want to make a statement. 

Men like The Donahugh Man who say - be bold, live free, nothing is impossible!

Are you a Donahugh Man?